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Death squads



It is suspected that death squads in Iraq are being aided by the CIA.

The Phoenix Program (video) involved CIA death squads in Vietnam.

The following is a history of death squads:

Source: http://www.serendipity.li/cia/death_squads.htm


Amnesty International reported that UNITA, backed by the U.S., engaged in extra-judicial executions of high-ranking political rivals and ill-treatment of prisoners. Washington Post, 3/14/1989.


'U.S. AID (and presumably the CIA) knew of and supported police participation in death squad activity.' Counterspy 5/6 1979, p. 10

Brazilian and Uruguayan death squads were closely linked and shared training. 'The CIA on at least two occasions co-ordinated meetings between the death squads of Brazil and Uruguay'. Counterspy 5/6 1979, p. 11


The U.S. indirectly supported the Khmer Rouge — 'U.S. comforting mass murderers.' Washington Post, 5/7/1990, A10 editorial

Central America

Admiral Bobby Inman, former head of NSA, complained that the CIA was hiring murderers to conduct operations in Central America and the Middle East — eventually Inman resigned. Toohey, B., and Pinwill, W. (1990). Oyster: the Story of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, pp. 215-6


The CIA worked with the Chilean military. They made lists of civilians to be arrested. Corn, D. (1994). Blond Ghost: Ted Shackley and the CIA's Crusades, p. 251. Sergeyev, F.F. (1981). Chile, CIA Big Business, p. 163

After the 1973 coup, U.S. Embassy intelligence gave their files on the Chilean and foreign left to the junta's military intelligence service (SIM). NACLA (magazine re Latin America) 8/74, p. 28.
The military prepared lists of nearly 20,000 middle-level leaders of people's organizations, scheduled to be assassinated from the morning of the coup on.

The Pentagon had been asked to get the CIA to give the Chilean army lists of Chileans linked to socialist countries. Sandford, R.R. (1975). The Murder of Allende, pp. 195-6. Blum, W. (1986). The CIA A Forgotten History, p. 194


Luis Moreno, an employee of State Department, claimed he helped the Colombian army create a database of subversives. Haiti Information, 4/23/94, pp. 3,4


In 1956, the CIA set up BRAC — the secret police that became well known for the torture and assassination of Batista's political opponents. Unclassified W/1994-1995 16-17

East Timor

The USA (Kissinger and Ford) supported Suharto's invasion of East Timor. Up to half the population of East Yimor died as a result of the invasion. Counterspy, Spring 1980, p. 19

Most of Indonesia's top generals have been trained in the USA.

El Salvador

Beginning with the Kennedy administration, the U.S. set up 'security organizations' that killed thousands of peasants and suspected leftists. The Progressive, 5/1984, pp. 20-29

The U.S. government sent 10 special forces personnel to El Salvador to help General Jose Alberto Medrano set up Organizacion Democratica Nacionalist (Orden) - first paramilitary death squad in that country.

There is compelling evidence to show that for over 30 years, members of U.S. military and CIA have helped organize, train, and fund death squad activity in El Salvador. Covert Action Information Bulletin (Quarterly), Summer 1990, p. 51

Death squads were recruited under the cover of boy scouts. The boys operated as a death squad known as Regalados Armed Forces (FAR). They murdered union officials, student leaders and teachers accused of being guerrilla sympathizers. Mother Jones, 1/1989, pp. 10-16

Colonel Carranza, leader of Salvador's infamous Treasury Police, oversaw the government reign of terror in which 800 people were killed each month. Carranza received $90,000 a year from the CIA from 1979-84. The Nation, 6/5/1988, p. 780


The CIA's stay-behind program was revealed in 1952 when West German police discovered the CIA working with a 2,000-member fascist youth group led by former Nazis. The Group had a black list of people to be liquidated. The Nation, 4/6/1992, p. 446. Hagan, l. (1969). The Secret War for Europe, p. 78


In 1967 there was a CIA-backed fascist coup. Thousands were tortured.


In 1954, the U.S. Ambassador, gave the government lists of radical opponents to be eliminated. NACLA 2/1983, p 4.

Worker organizers began disappearing from united fruit plantations. Hersh, B. (1992). The Old Boys, p. 353

Israeli Knesset member General Peled said that in Central America Israel is the 'dirty work' contractor for the U.S. Cockburn, A. & Cockburn, L. (1991). Dangerous Liaison, p. 219

Colonel Hooker, former DIA chief for Guatemala, says, "it would be an embarrassing situation if you ever had a roll call of everybody in Guatemalan army who ever collected a CIA paycheck." Hooker says the CIA payroll is so large that it encompasses most of Army's top decision-makers. CIA death squads by Allan Nairn. The Nation, 4/17/1995


Emannuel Constant, leader of Haiti's FRAPH hit squad, worked for the CIA and U.S. intelligence. The Nation, 10/24/1994, 458


Florencio Caballero, who served as a torturer and a member of a death squad, said he was trained in Texas by the CIA. Washington Post, 6/8/1988, B3

'During the Contra war Honduran military intelligence officers were on double salary from the CIA and Colombian drug cartels, who saw the advantage of using Honduran airstrips for transiting cocaine under cover of the war effort. Israelis also trained Honduran death squads.' Cockburn, A. and Cockburn, L. (1991). Dangerous Liaison, p. 225


When the USA toppled President Sukarno, U.S. officials supplied the Indonesian military with the names of people to be eliminated. Up to a million people died.


During the Shah's reign, thousands of people were murdered. The CIA identified to the Iranian government leftists who were then executed. The Nation, 12/13/1986, p. 660

In 1983 the CIA gave the Khomeni government a list of suspected opponents.Two hundred suspects were executed. Washington Post, 1/13/1987, A1,8

Iraq, 1963. The CIA supplied lists of 'communists' to the Baath party group so they could be rounded up and eliminated. Cockburn, A. and Cockburn, L. (1991). Dangerous Liaison, p. 130

Continued here: http://www.serendipity.li/cia/death_squads.htm

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