Saturday, December 16, 2006

Corrupt governments


Carne Ross was Britain's key negotiator at the UN. Now Ross says Blair must have known that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. He says that during his posting to the UN, "at no time did Her Majesty's Government assess that Iraq... posed a threat to the UK or its interests." Mr Ross revealed it was a commonly held view among British officials dealing with Iraq that any threat by Saddam Hussein had been "effectively contained". He reveals that British officials warned US diplomats that bringing down Saddam would lead to chaos.
Diplomat's suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war
Secret evidence shows no case for Iraq war
Whistleblower that ministers tried to muzzle

"Wafic Said is one of Britain's wealthiest men, owning country houses, private jets, a stable of racehorses, a Picasso and a Matisse.... Mr Thatcher has consistently denied allegations he received up to £12m as part of the Al-Yamamah deal. But Mr Said certainly had entry to Mrs Thatcher's circle, donating an estimated £500,000 to the Tory party. After Labour came to power, the 68-year-old became a confidant of Peter Mandelson. Their introduction is reported to have been made by Charles Powell..." From a kebab shop to Oxford: unlikely rise of the fixer in the ...

The BAe decision is a contemptible scandal

'National interest' halts arms corruption inquiry

Blair questioned by police

Dame Eliza stepping down as head of MI5 after only four years

Questions that have gone unanswered by Blair's government in the UK include:
• Any involvement of David Mills in sanction-busting sales to Iran (DTI).
• The suicide rate amongst Armed Forces returning from Iraq and Afghanistan (MOD).
• Visas into the UK given to preachers of hate (Home Office).
• The number of school leavers without any GCSE qualifications (DfES).
• The increase in the number of train stations deemed unsafe due to crime (DfT).
• Murders committed by prisoners on parole (Home Office).
• The Labour Party Chairman's, Hazel Blears, involvement in targeting areas for NHS cuts (NHS).
The facts Labour have tried to hide

Rain, rain, rain.

Climate change threatens ski resorts in Europe

15.12.06: Secret flow of £1bn through accounts

UK arms sales and Blair and Thatcher

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