Saturday, December 16, 2006

A CIA/French Intelligence backed terror ring...


Christmas Greeting - All I want for Christmas is you

Bio weapon test in New york

Reports from the Kremlin "accuse the United States of operating a CIA/French Intelligence backed terror ring on Egyptian territory..." The Egyptian authorities arrested the American and French Ringleaders. According to Forbes News Service: "Security officials in Egypt released new details Monday about an American man in their custody on suspicion of links to a terror network which allegedly recruits Muslims to fight the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq..."Putin reported 'furious' over US payment for Lebanon war, CIA Egypt terror ring

Honours row: Donors say Blair 'misled' police

Knives are out for Lord Levy as rift grows with Tony Blair

Police: we were bugged in effort to halt BAe Saudi arms inquiry

"This collection of snippets links Litvinenko’s pal, Mario Scaramella, to Robert S. Lady, the CIA agent accused of kidnapping Abu Omar in Milan for ‘rendition’ to a torture cell in Egypt. Scaramella worked – with Lady as a consultant – on the Mitrokhin Commission attack against Prodi (engineered by Silvio Berlusconi), which is starting to look like part of a larger attack against Russia (as does the assassination of Litvinenko and subsequent blame game). Lady may also have been involved in the Nigergate scandal, which would connect him to the Ledeen-neocon nexus."

A bitter struggle for power in Iran

Dispatches: In The Killing Zone

Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israel’s Tune

Pelosi adds two Jewish lawmakers to appropriations

Human rights leader: Elections in Gagauzia (Moldova) contrast ...

LABOUR has been accused of misleading the public in the debate over independence after one of its own policy documents revealed North Sea oil reserves will not run out for “at least 30 years”. The SNP insisted that the financial sector of an independent Scotland would flourish, pointing out that Ireland’s had quadrupled in size over the past decade. Labour slips up on length of oil reserves

New MI5 boss is top expert on Al-Qaeda (Al-CIAda)

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