Monday, November 27, 2006


Beckham - the 7/7 Bomber connection ???

Ecuador leftist Correa leads vote in official tally


Are 70,000 Pentagon Mercs Killing Iraqis? (Is Grass Green?)

Was he sacrificed to embarrass Putin?

"Zhirinovsky said Wednesday he was convinced that Blair was personally interested in keeping Berezovsky on British soil, claiming that the Blairs were receiving financial support from 'criminal elements'. Cherie Blair, Zhirinovsky continued, works in a law firm 'which is servicing our Russian thugs, Berezovsky included.' Those are dozens of 'extremists' including Berezovsky and Akhmed Zakayev, as well as 'nearly all of the Yukos top executives', he added."

"In its Dec. 30, 1996 issue, Forbes Magazine published an extensive article called 'Godfather of the Kremlin?,' in which it charged Berezovsky with responsibility for the 1995 killing of popular television journalist Vladimir Listev. The magazine also accused Berezovsky of having numerous mafia connections and embezzling $50 million collected by his company from thousands of Russians who purchased AVVA shares-allegedly to start producing a new passenger car. Boris Berezovsky has admitted that he is plotting the violent overthrow of the Russian government and was 'warned' by Jack Straw, (who was subsequently sacked from his position as British Foreign Secretary) not to 'abuse' his asylum status in Britain." Article here

"The role of Boris Berezovsky, in the Beslan massacre has never been made clear - but there is a growing belief that Litvinenko's silence was sought by people other than Putin..." Matrioshka - The Russian enigma, a riddle inside a...

Dead Russian Spy was israeli Double Agent

Mossad in Turkey to Assist Pope's Security

Prabhakaran celebrates his 52 birthday with increased oppression ...

CIA & Narcotics


9/11 Truth: Pakistan, Operation Northwoods & American Empire

John Stockwell: Crimes of the CIA (recorded in 1988)

The Foreign Office, Sudan's secret police chief, and the war on terror

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