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Chavez, Bush & 911.
The Miami Herald

MI6 supported fundamentalist Moslems as part of its plan to topple a president.

'The role of the United Kingdom's Foreign Office and MI6 intelligence service has come to light, in a series of exposés by Paul Lashmar and Oliver James in The Independent newspaper beginning in 1997. These revelations have also come to light in journals on military and intelligence history. The revelations included an anonymous Foreign Office source stating that the decision to unseat President Sukarno was made by Prime Minister Harold MacMillan and then executed under Prime Minister Harold Wilson.' Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

'Cabinet documents... were uncovered by David Easter, a historian at the London School of Economics. His research - which is published ... in the journal Intelligence and National Security - shows that the cabinet's defence and overseas policy committee asked the head of MI6, Dick White, to draw up plans for covert operations against Indonesia in January 1964.' MI6 spread lies to put killer in power Independent, The (London ...

According to Dr Easter, these operations began in the spring of 1964 and included supplying arms to fundamentalist Moslem separatists in the Indonesian provinces of Aceh and Sulawesi.

Media controlled by the security services?

Boy George - The War Song

What we see after 9/11 is that fascist legislation, which is normal to dictatorships, is introduced in almost all countries.
The War on Terror is a Deliberate Strategy to Criminalize Every ...

Independence and apparent ignorance

Scotland thinking about divorce from UK

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