Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome to Outreach Moldova a charity that works with 300 disabled orphaned children in Moldova in Europe.



51 % favour full independence. 39 % against... Vital gains forecast for SNP in swing from Labour

Depleted uranium risk 'ignored'

Blair and Syria.....

"The elite have kept such technologies from us for decades, in order to artificially induce climate trouble.That is how they will manipulate their control over our energy usage..." Zero point energy

Saudi Arabia

Lawyer Mills in corruption trial

Blow to Blair as Mills faces bribery trial

Lockerbie appeal set for Scotland

Scotland is sitting on 25% of Europe's wind and tide energy. The Pentland Firth has been called the Saudi Arabia of world tidal energy. The first commercially viable carbon-capture project, at Peterhead, is waiting for the go-ahead. The north-south nuclear divide

Jews against Zionism

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