Friday, November 24, 2006

Simon Jenkins on Scottish independence

Aberdeen harbour on a sunny day


"Many nations have prospered after gaining independence from their neighbours. Why should the Scots be different?"

Quotes from a article by Simon Jenkins, 29 November, 2006.,,1959454,00.html

"It is through partition that Ireland is booming, Slovakia reviving and the Baltic states prospering. The British government is in favour of it for everyone else, even forcing it on the former Yugoslavia and Iraq/Kurdistan. This year it welcomed Montenegro to Europe's community. By what hypocrisy do Westminster grandees ridicule Scotland's ambition?

"...Today's governments are elephantine and unresponsive to local sentiment.

"...If Denmark is viable, why not Scotland?

"...No visitor to Edinburgh today can doubt that Scotland is a far more coherent country and culture than it was before."


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