Thursday, November 16, 2006

A rhino in the living room: how Empire is coming out of the shadows


David Blunkett on "terror" fatigue and scepticism amongst UK voters.


9/11 Seismic shocks and Commission lies / Gubment ...

"According to Stich, Robert Hunt, former Navy SEAL commander and deep-cover CIA/ONI operative, described to him a CIA assassination squad called Operation Ringwind.
This operation, according to Hunt, was under the control of then-Deputy Director of the CIA Robert Gates.

'''They call it Operation Ringwind, formed in early 1981. It was strictly to take care of all participants in October Surprise until they decide to shut the operation down. And that could be tomorrow morning, or ten years from now. Whoever they think is involved.''' Bush administration’s Trojan Horse gift to America and the ...

Operation "Mount Rushmore" and "Operation Ringwind"

''Corrupt CIA officials, allowed the bombing of Pan Am 103 to proceed, because Charles McKee knew too much about 'Operation Ringwind"'
Mother Tells All About White House Sex Slave Ring And Son's Kidnapping

'Uncle Sam has reneged and defaulted on up to 40% of its trillion-dollar foreign debt, and nobody has said a word except for a line in The Economist. In plain English that means Uncle Sam runs a worldwide confidence racket... John Perkins... helped the US cheat poor countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars by lending them more money than they could possibly repay and then take over their economies ...' The Naked Hegemon

''I recall my meeting with John Perkins two years ago in New York. He reminisced about his life as an "economic hit man," beginning right here in Indonesia. Using 'money, sex and alcohol,' he convinced Indonesian officials and businessmen to accept large, unnecessary loans that could never be repaid."

aangirfan: The answer to the problem of drugs and crime

'The median hourly wage for American workers has declined by 2 percent since 2003 in real terms. This means that wages and salaries now make up the lowest share of GDP since the government started recording the data in 1947... There has been a benefit to capital from the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the integration of China and India into the world market. Previously, capital boosted the profit rate by plundering raw materials and resources. Today it does so by plundering cheap labour.' The crisis of US imperialism in historical perspective

Long Debunked Rumor Validated by Giuliani

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