Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Now Daddy Bush Slams Bloggers

The real alliance, the real deep alliance, isn’t Republican-Zionist, but rather Pentagon-Zionist.

Ohio's 2006 vote count now includes a higher percentage of uncounted ballots than in 2004, and a statistically impossible swing to the Republicans

Now Romanians Say 'Borat' Misled Them

Page School

'''The growth of China and India, which was supposed to herald a global free market, may instead inaugurate a new age of mercantilism... Ethnic nationalism, not liberalism or democracy, is the most powerful force in the world today. And the competition of the industrial nations for sources of supply and markets is bolstering mercantilism and economic regionalism'...

"The invasion of Iraq was directed not so much against Saddam Hussein, as against the European rivals of the US in the Middle East. The aim was to establish a puppet regime in Iraq and in that way reinforce the position of the US against its European and Asian rivals...

"Previously, capital boosted the profit rate by plundering raw materials and resources. Today it does so by plundering cheap labour..."
The crisis of US imperialism in historical perspective

China steps up trade and investment in Africa

Australia: Anti-Muslim "terror plot" unravels

Who runs Al Qaeda?
BBC NEWS UK Britain 'sheltering al-Qaeda leader'

Rumsfeld faces lawsuit for alleged war crimes in Iraq

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