Friday, November 03, 2006



Burmese anger over glittering junta wedding leaked onto internet ... (From the Guardian; the video has been removed)

A male prostitute alleges that he had a three-year relationship with prominent right-wing evangelical leader Ted Haggard, who has said that homosexuality is a “sin” and “devastating for the children of our nation and for the future of Western civilization.” Major Right-Wing Evangelical Leader Accused Of 3-Year Relationship With Male Prostitute

Firm jawed , "family values man", Don Sherwood is a leading member of the Christian Right, and is supported by Christian Coalition, the American Conservative Union, and the American Family Association.In November 2005 Sherwood reached a settlement with his ex mistress of 5 years, glamorous, svelte, petite, home loving 30 year old Cynthia Ore... Another Republican sex scandal to unseat Pennsylva...

aangirfan: Christian evangelicals and the CIA

Ronald Reagan

Abraham Lincoln

Cardinal Spellman

The typical right-wing militarist - Frederick the Gay

Nona: Kaiser Wilhelm II, Prince Eulenberg and Friedrich Krupp

From Nero to Mick Jagger

The Romans

Mark Oaten, Brokeback Mountain, Donald Rumsfeld, Hitler, Napoleon, Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln...


Global Forest Watch: Indonesia

People Facing Bankruptcy 'Leaps By A Third'

Early June 2005: US Intelligence Find Evidence of Mossad or CIA Support For Insurgents in Iraq

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