Saturday, November 25, 2006



Mr Putin... 'expressed doubts as to the authenticity of the declaration. He said he was “unclear” why, if the statement had been written while Mr Litvinenko was still alive, it had not been reported at that time.' Putin denies role in death of ex-spy

'Khodorkovsky... made no effort to hide his function as a de facto Anglo-American asset in the Russian business and political world. On the board of his Open Russia Foundation, based in London and Washington, sit, together with Khodorkovsky himself, Henry Kissinger, Lord Jacob Rothschild, and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Arthur Hartman.' Russian 'Oligarchs' Are Under Attack

Putin and Israel and 9 11

'Russian parliamentarians and the country's state- owned media Friday pointed a finger at exiled businessman Boris Berezovsky in the death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.' Russians blame Litvinenko ally in former spy's death

Berezovsky and others.
Litvinenko illness: the main players Special reports Guardian ...

Australian Company AWB 'knew Iraq plans a year before'

Euro hits 19-month high as dollar sinks

Mills faces new tax fraud claims

It's not just any one race or religion that causes problems.
Chinese Holocaust of WW2 " Nanking"

Israel Palestine
Pathocracy: DISEASE

Guns, Drugs, Fraud, Edwin Wilson, CIA cutouts

'Peter Dale Scott suggests that the highly integrated drug traffic industry... requires that in major growing areas there must be limited state control, a condition most easily reached by fostering regional rebellion and warfare, often fought by its own private armies. This is the on-going situation of designed violence in every major growing area, from Lebanon to Myanmar, Colombia to Afghanistan....Dale Scott suggests that there exists on the global level a drug meta-group..."My personal suggestion to 9/11 researchers is that they focus on the connections of the meta-group's firm Far West, Ltd. – in particular those which lead to Khashoggi, Berezovskii, Halliburton and Dick Cheney, and Diligence, Joe Allbaugh, and Neil Bush." - Peter Dale Scott'
The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the ...

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