Sunday, November 05, 2006

The American hospital where Osama met the local CIA boss two months before 9 11.



FLASHBACK: How the CIA found and groomed Saddam

There's that other theory on 9/11

Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear

“Jackson Stephens, a name often linked with America's super-secret National Security Agency, has been an influential presence for several decades in the tiny town that served as port of entry into U.S. flight and even military training for the terrorist cadre implicated in the Sept 11 attacks.” Jackson Stephens 'Active' in Venice, Florida

"The airfield where Mohamed Atta and his terrorist cadre learned to fly has a long history of being used as a training base for paramilitary operations by federal authorities..."
Venice Airport Used for Covert Ops

Disneyland Fun Sing Along Songs Trailer

"The new US consul in Scotland, questioned the effect of separation on American energy firms and criticised the SNP’s anti-Nato policy."
US consul questions wisdom of Scottish independence

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked
Lockerbie Bomb and Ecuador and New Zealand
Lockerbie - new forensic tests suggest evidence was planted by the CIA

McKie case linked to Lockerbie; Scottish justice controlled by the CIA? Reputation of Scottish justice in ruins?
3.1 CIA in Lockerbie

Reportedly the CIA is still flying heroin to Europe and America
Acts of fake terror to be used to control Scotland's oil?

Scotland has 25% of Europe's wind and tide resources, 10% of its wave resources.Scotland has two-thirds of the oil reserves held within the European Union. SNP demands devolved energy policy....

What is life like under Military Occupation?

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