Sunday, October 29, 2006



Republican "People of the Lie" must disgorge the Abu Ghraib child rape photos, videos, Judge rules

Police close in on Blair

"There is enough food, but people don't have enough money to buy it," says Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute, a U.S.-based policy think tank. "Drought and locusts did not cause the 2005 food crisis as many believe," Mittal said. "It is a result of free market-based development strategies of the World Bank and others."
Sudan Niger Famine

'We're going to raise tariffs, and freeze our currency, and block capital flight.' And everybody looked away in horror—and then a year later they were doing better than anyone else.
The Collapse of Globalism

African apocalypse: The continent burning into a desert

Teletubbies Lean Wit It

Young Voices Part 6 - Gam Gam / Clap Clap

Climate change cost: £3.68 trillion

Ten years to save the planet from mankind

Afghanistan war is 'cuckoo'

The way the police treat us verges on the criminal

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