Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Oct 17 2006 (Reuters) - Local church and rights groups have demanded that the Indonesian government uncover the roots of the cycle of violence gripping Central Sulawesi province. Church, rights groups press Jakarta on pastor murder


In February 2002, Christian and Muslim factions signed a peace accord in Malino, Sulawesi.

Laskar Jihad, the militant Islamic group accused by many as fueling conflict in Maluku, refused to attend the Malino talks.

Reportedly many members of Laskar Jihad had previously fought with the Taliban and with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

There have been reports that Indonesian special forces regiment Kopassus have worked with Laskar Jihad.

Some have suggested that Laskar Jihad was set up by the Indonesian military in order to do its dirty work.

Kopassus officers have been trained in the USA.

A report from Dr Damian Kingsbury of Deakin University states that: Kopassus members were involved in the training of the notorious Laskar Jihad near Bogor in West Java, a group which has been responsible for the deaths of many thousands in Central Sulawesi.


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