Friday, October 20, 2006

Google censorship

A message to our blog from Google:


We found that Google ads were placed on pages that don't comply with our program policies, such as


As a result, we have disabled your account, and you are not eligible for further participation in the AdSense programme.


Here is the entire post entitled 'sexy preteen girls and boys'
Public Enemy SON OF A BUSH censored music video
Immortal Technique " The 4th Branch "US Government
Operation Northwoods
Israel attacks the USS LIberty
9/11 Hijackers ALIVE!
bush blocks bin laden probe
The Military Industrial Complex
Chronology of U.S. Agression
The Category of Terror
David Shayler speaks on 911
Alex Jones - 9-11 Road to Tyranny 1-21
Alex Jones - 9-11 Road to Tyranny 2-21
Alex Jones - 9-11 Road to Tyranny 3-21
The Neocon Agenda
London Bombing 1
London Bombing 2
King David Hotel explosion
Tony Benn
Stolen Election 2004
Ambulances are hit by Israeli forces
Marine sings about killing Iraqi Children
"Israeli Massacre" of Picnicking Palestinians
Ishaqi - Troops "innocent" of massacre
Iran The Secret Government edit
Tony Blair Sketch
IVAW War Veterans And The Practice Of Killing Civilians

The title was a joke. This post is simply a list of videos on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Here is part of the article on Thomas Mann which Google seems to object to:

According to Gilbert Adair, Mann was not the first writer to be attracted to Adzio. "At a wedding of one of his aunts- for which, as garcon d'honneur, he was turned out in lace of a fetchingly creamy blanc d'ivoire- the six year-old Adzio caught the eye of Henryk Sienkiewicz, the ...Nobel Prize winning author of....Quo Vadis. Leaving the church in his landau, the doting Sienkiewicz insisted that the infant come perch upon his knees, only hurriedly to offload him when he discovered that his Tiepolesque seraph had peed down the leg of his morning suit."

This was an article based on books by several respected authors.


Google reputation R.I.P.

Google Watch



We suspect that Google ads can only be placed on sites which do not criticise the elite.


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