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Emmanuel Constant and CIA plots in Haiti



"The Americans," said Jean, "support dictatorships and mafias all around the world, so long as they were good for the narco-military-industrial complex."

"Have the Americans got economic interests here?"

"Who ran the brothels in Cuba? Who brought AIDS to Haitian children. Babylon! Uncle Sam. The Great Satan. Where do the Americans get their baseballs from?"


"Most baseballs are made in Haiti by American companies. The factory girls get about $1.40 a day. They get injured arms and eyes."

"Is it only baseballs?"

"The Americans control the bauxite, sugar and sisal. It's like Cuba before Castro."

"Is it always slave wages?"

"You know Walt Disney?""Fun people."

"They have contractors here who make Micky Mouse clothes. The factory girls get 8 pence an hour. You can't live on that. Then Wal-mart sells the Pocahontas pyjamas for $11-97."


Emmanuel "Toto" Constant has explained that he worked for the CIA in Haiti.

Haiti militiaman ordered to pay £10m for rapes
Guardian, 27 October 2006

Constant was the leader of Fraph, a rightwing paramilitary group.

He worked against Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

In the USA, in October 2006, Constant was ordered to pay $19m (£10m) in damages to three women who had been gang-raped by members of his militia.

A US district judge Sidney Stein ruled that the women were each entitled to $1.5m in compensatory damages and $5m in punitive damages.

The judge said Constant "founded and oversaw an organisation that was dedicated principally towards terrorising and torturing political opponents..."

Constant is in jail on Long Island awaiting trial on unrelated charges. He told CBS's 60 Minutes in 1995: "If I am guilty of those crimes ... the CIA is also guilty."


The source for the following is:

Francois Emmanuel "Toto" Constant


According to Constant, the US military attaché and the local CIA station chief were inside the Haitian military headquarters when the army staged its coup in '91.


Constant has stated that Col. Patrick Collins, of the U. S. Defense Intelligence Agency, pushed him to organize a front that could balance the Aristide movement and do intelligence work against it. This resulted in Constant forming what evolved into FRAPH in August 1993. Who Will Rid Me of this Turbulent Priest?


From 1993-1994, Constant was the leader of the FRAPH death squad which reportedly murdered hundreds of Haitians...

Constant claims that he was part of covert American policy to undermine the exiled President Aristide, who was viewed as too radical by the United States.

Constant attended, on invitation, the Clinton inauguration balls in 1993....

Haiti - Franz Pierre


'U.N. troops backed by tanks and helicopter shot indiscriminately killing at least 23 and as many as 60 civilians.'


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