Friday, October 20, 2006

The British


The British

In one part of the UK, between 1996 and 2004, the rate of alcohol-related emergency hospital admissions rose by 40% for men.

In another part of the UK, during the last 12 years, there was a 215% increase in the number of prescriptions for anti-depressants.

What is going wrong?

Oliver James, 23 October 2006 in The Guardian, explained that New Labour's love of money is the root of all our troubles.

Oliver James blames Blair and Thatcher.

"By perpetuating Thatcherite selfish capitalism, Blatcherism has spread the affluenza virus. Small wonder that some of its key proponents are suffering from mental illnesses."

Is it just love of money?

What about the loss of faith in Britain as a respectable country in which to live?

Think of the failures of Britain's institutions: think of the lies and violence that ooze from the mainstream media; think of the killings of innocent civilians by the military and the police; think of the corruption within government; think of the breakdown of discipline in schools....

What are the solutions?

1. The best way to stay happy and healthy is to get some exercise! Get on your bike or go for a walk. Sing a happy song Un Nouveau Jour va se lever !

2. Switch off the TV when the news comes on. Watch a good comedy video.

3. Never again vote Labour or Conservative. Kick out the war criminals.

4. Remember that there are still some good things about Britain: Polish dentists, Indian restaurants, French footballers...

Kids getting exercise


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