Friday, September 01, 2006

UK terror plot evidence

In the UK, a 17 year-old Moslem is under arrest in connection with an alleged plot to blow up airlines.

The evidence against the youth appears to some to have been faked by the police.

The teen is accused not of helping to plan the alleged attack, but of "possession of items that would be of use to terrorism."

Among the items are documents the police described as "suicide notes"

"They're not suicide notes at all," says the boy's lawyer, Gareth Peirce. "They're really simple wills. To call these suicide notes was absolutely disgraceful."The wills, Peirce adds, "all date to 1995," when the teen was aged 6. Questions raised over some terror plot charges

The documents were found by police in a box in the boy's mother's house, apparently left there by his since-divorced and departed father, who once operated a London charity that collected clothing and medicine for Bosnian Muslims. Questions raised over some terror plot charges

The box contained a crude map of Afghanistan, drawn years ago, by the boy's younger brother.
According to Peirce, "It's a child's map!"

A third item recovered from the box is a book filled with drawings of electrical circuits that might contain information useful in building a bomb, although not the kind of bomb the defendants are suspected of having tried to make.

Peirce says it looked like a school textbook. Questions raised over some terror plot charges


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William Bunker said...

That is very strange. I recently drew some very fine maps just for fun. I also have considered making a will, and I have been studying electrical principles, but primarily for medical purposes!

This is not excellent, and I am also amazed that the UK *blocked* a New York Times page, like that will do anything good, and in violation of media rights! And that Tony Blair wants to begin a system of eugenics for pre-born babies. This is *now* Orwellian.

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