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Mossad dirty tricks

The following is a very slightly edited extract from a book review at

January 1991

The book is 'Every Spy a Prince' by Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman (Houghton Mifflin.)

The excellent review is by Russell Warren Howe

From the start, the authors show, Israel's secret services ran rogue operations, stealing money from the Swiss accounts of Hitler's victims, bombing a synagogue in Baghdad during prayers in 1951 to scare Jewish Iraqis into moving into tent villages in Israel, and bombing British and American offices in Cairo in 1954 (the "Lavon affair") to discredit the Nasser regime.

Using American funds provided for other purposes, the Mossad bribed its way across Africa and Latin America.

The authors assert that the late dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceaucescu—who edged Sadat toward Jerusalem and Camp David—received about $30 million from the agency.

Israel's spies exploited Kurdish and Christian minorities in the Arab world.

Elsewhere, they threw in their lot with established power, however autocratic: Iran (where they trained the SAVAK secret police in interrogation methods), Zaire, Chad and other African countries, Singapore, Sri Lanka (where they helped the Sinhalese go after Tamils), South Korea, South Africa (where Israel aided the birth of nuclear weapons), and Argentina (supplying arms during the Falklands War).

They helped Morocco capture and kill an opposition leader, Mehdi Ben Barka, in Paris.

In Beirut, they murdered Palestinians and blew up MEA Caravelles at the airport.

During the 1967 war, they protected the disinformation communications which brought Jordan into the conflict by directing the attack on the US SPY ship Liberty, an action in which 34 Americans were killed and 171 wounded.

Misinformation has always been a Mossad trademark. The most prominent victim was the United States, thanks to an agreement negotiated by CIA Assistant Director James Jesus Angleton that Israel and America would not spy on each other.

The Mossad always ignored the pact in America, but until the agreement was nullified by Admiral Stansfield Turner a generation later, when he was Jimmy Carter's CIA director, the CIA apparently relied on Mossad data.

After Angleton died, a memorial to him was erected in Jerusalem.

Another victim was Britain.

As the authors note, on June 17, 1988, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who had been a decided fan of Israel's, ordered all Mossad "diplomats" out of Britain. She had been angered by a succession of capers:

1. a pseudo-Syrian "attempted bombing" of an El Al plane at Heathrow (which led to a break in relations with Damascus before the deceit was discovered),

2. the Falklands arms sale,

3. and the removal of the anti-nuclear Israeli pacifist Mordechai Vanunu from London by a Mossad swallow from Florida...

Former Mossad spies:

Lt. Col. Yair Klein, a German Israeli, taught the bodyguards of Colombian drug barons how to kill Washington's DEA agents.

Palestinian-born Amiram Nir teamed up with Oliver North and took a naive Reagan administration into Iranscam...


(Reportedly it was Mossad that suggested that the CIA should smuggle heroin from Southern Lebanon into the USA using Pan Am flights. One Pan Am flight was blown up over Lockerbie.)


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