Friday, August 04, 2006

Israelis attack Christians in Lebanon

40% of the population of Lebanon is Christian.

The Christian Lebanese are suffering as a result of the attacks by Israel.

Christians in the Middle East oppose Israel.

Israeli raids north of Beirut shock Christian residents

In the Jounieh area of Lebanon, a Christian heartland, 20 kilometres north of Beirut, the bridge next to the Casino du Liban was struck by two Israeli missiles blocking the major road link to other areas in north Lebanon.

'The Israelis are now carrying a war of destruction against Lebanon ... they are not only after Hezbollah ... they are now after destroying our infrastructure,' shouted Tony Feghali, who lives close by.

Jounieh is a major, residential seaside area, with large hotels, beaches and restaurants. It is also the location of the once- luxurious Casino du Liban.

'People call this area the Monte Carlo of the Middle East... so this is definitely not a Hezbollah military base,' Joseph Semaha, a hotel owner in the area said.

'Nowhere is safe in this country any more ... this Israeli war is against the Lebanese civilians and the infrastructure and not Hezbollah, as the Israeli claim,' Semaha said.

Source: Deutsche Presse-Agentur

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