Sunday, August 27, 2006

Anti-war party goes into the lead!

An opinion poll, published in Scotland on Sunday, 27 August 2006, shows voter opinion in Scotland, traditionally a stronhold of Tony Blair's Labour Party:

Scottish National Party (moderate, anti-war) 33%
Labour (pro-war) 29%
Liberal Democrat (anti-war) 19%
Conservative (pro-war) 10%
Greens 5%
SSP 2%

If there is to be a coalition of parties in Scotland, then the Scottish Nationalists might ally with the Liberal Democrats and the Greens , giving them 57% of the vote.

Blair's Labour Party, if it formed a coalition with the Conservative Party, would have 39% of the Scottish vote.

In England, the Conservatives are ahead in the polls, but are not performing well outside of the wealthy South East. In England, it is the Liberal Democrats who have seen their support surge, due to their opposition to Blair on foreign policy.

It is the small parties that are set to do well in coming elections.

Conservative and Labour Parties: R.I.P.

The Conservative Party, a few decades ago, had 50% of the Scottish vote!


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