Saturday, July 22, 2006

The secret governments within governments.

De Menezes was an innocent Brazilian shot dead on a London tube. The official government people suspected de Menezes might be a terrorist and wanted him detained. But de Menezes was shot dead by a group who may be connected to the unofficial government.

From,,1826529,00.html , July 22, 2006 :

The police shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes despite officers in charge of the operation intending that he should be arrested outside Stockwell tube station and taken into custody alive, new details of the official investigation show...

A letter from the Crown Prosecution Service to the de Menezes family shows the Independent Police Complaints Committee investigation found:

Officers running the operation ordered that de Menezes be stopped from boarding the train and arrested...

The CPS letter also reveals that the two officers who shot the Brazilian told investigators de Menezes was wearing a "bulky jacket", when he was not.

The marksmen also said they had shouted "armed police" before firing, but no independent witness corroborated their assertions.


In Italy there seems to be a hidden government. Sismi is the Italian secret service.

From,,1826502,00.html, July 22, 2006

Italy's prime minister, Romano Prodi, was facing a political dilemma yesterday after it emerged that prosecutors had asked his government to demand the extradition of 26 CIA agents from the US so they can be put on trial for kidnapping a terrorist suspect...

Prosecutors have unearthed evidence to suggest Gen Pollari's service, Sismi, laid the ground for the abduction and may have taken part. This month they ordered the arrest and imprisonment of Sismi's counter-espionage chief, Marco Mancini. He was released last Saturday.


The people do not want to support Israel.

Protests erupt worldwide against Israel's 'genocidal war'

But the hidden governments support Israel.


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