Thursday, July 13, 2006

Robin Taudevin

Robin Taudevin : 'in the last two weeks of his life he proved his fearless desire to expose social injustice by photographing the Dili riots up close and personal...'

Robin disappeared off the coast of East Timor on the 14th of May 2006.


Former militia members targeted amid the devastation

East Timor:

The World Food Program now says it is targeting those most at risk, such as... refugees who continue to return from the camps across the border in West Timor, where they fled last September.

But some of those returning are former militia members, a situation which brings NGOs into direct conflict with CNRT, the pro-independence East Timorese political party that forms the only local administration.

Robin Taudevin, an organiser for independent aid organisation Timor Aid, said working under such conditions wasn't easy.

"To deal with the local communities we have to deal with CNRT," he said.

"That way they can mobilise people to assist.

"But CNRT is a political organisation and down here in the south-west, where there was so much killing and destruction by whole communities that were involved in the militia, we have CNRT sometimes trying to punish certain areas or individuals."


journalists: Western journalists murdered by Indonesian military ...


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