Monday, July 17, 2006

If Jean Charles de Menezes had been Jewish

If Jean Charles de Menezes had been Jewish, then it is possible that Tony Blair and Sir Ian Blair would have been sacked and several police chiefs would have been put on trial.

But de Menezes was not Jewish.


Avon & Somerset - Chief Crown Prosecutor Speaks at Jewish Religious Festival

INNOCENT - Samar and Jawad


Recently, the appeal of two Palestinians convicted of bombing the Israeli Embassy in London, was stopped after a document was disclosed. It revealed that MI5 had advance notice of the ‘terrorist’ attack and showed someone else was responsible for carrying it out.

On past experience it is assumed that the ‘someone else’ was Mossad (Israeli Secret Service) agents, ‘attacking’ their own embassy. This is common practice. These bogus attacks serve several purposes; evidence is planted to suggest the involvement of nuisance Arab activists who are then falsely charged and imprisoned. It also increases security of Jewish targets at British taxpayers expense, engenders sympathy for Israel, causes apathy towards the Palestinian cause, and justifies Israeli terrorism.

Both the government and its half-Jewish Home Secretary, Jack Straw, denied the document’s existence but three years of detective work finally disclosed the incriminating evidence of government and MI5 complicity in what is likely to be a Jewish plot and outrage.

Shayler added: "It took three years for this document to be disclosed while two quite probably innocent people languished in prison. It is a disgraceful affront to our supposedly free and democratic society. Without this document, these people did not have a fair trial. Without it they would never have even got an appeal but remained on the wrong end of a 20-year gaol term."


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