Sunday, June 11, 2006

What is in the minds of the UK military?

How do you explain 9 11 and the London Bombs? Are elements of the military trying to get us to hate Moslems?

The Sunday Times, 11 June 2006, has an article by Peter Almond entitled Beware: the new goths are coming.

The new goths are coming

Rear Admiral Chris Parry, a top UK military strategist, warns that western civilisation faces a threat similar to the barbarian invasions that destroyed the Roman empire.

Parry spoke to senior officers and industry experts at a June 2006 conference. Parry is head of the development, concepts and doctrine centre at the Ministry of Defence. His task is to examine national security policy.

Parry says:

1. North African "barbary" pirates could be attacking yachts and beaches in the Mediterranean within 10 years.

2. The UK and Europe could be undermined by large immigrant groups.

3. There is unlikely to be assimilation.

4. If there is a security breakdown it is likely to be brought about by environmental destruction, a population boom, new technology and radical Islam.

5. The armed forces are likely to use robots, drones, nanotechnology, lasers, microwave weapons, space-based systems and even "customised" nuclear and neutron bombs.

6. As flood or starvation strikes, the most dangerous zones will be Africa, particularly the northern half; most of the Middle East and central Asia as far as northern China; a strip from Nepal to Indonesia; and perhaps eastern China.

7. 2012 to 2018 is the time when the present global power structure is likely to crumble. Nations such as China, India, Brazil and Iran will challenge America’s sole superpower status.This will come as "irregular activity" such as terrorism, organised crime and "white companies" of mercenaries burgeon in lawless areas.

8. "When you combine the lower prospects for communal life with macho youth and economic deprivation you tend to get trouble, typified by gangs and organised criminal activity. When one thinks of 20,000 so-called jihadists currently fly-papered in Iraq, one shudders to think where they might go next."

9. The competition for resources, Parry argues, may lead to a return to "industrial warfare" as countries with large and growing male populations mobilise armies.

Peter Almond, in The Sunday Times, writes:

Terry Jones, the former Monty Python star, has spoken up for the barbarians’ technological and social achievements in a television series and has written:

"We actually owe far more to the so-called ‘barbarians’ than we do to the men in togas."

What do we think? Parry is worried by the threat of hordes of Moroccans, and other North Africans, coming into Britain.

Morocco has a government kept in power by the USA and its allies. The Moroccan elite, especially the generals, are fabulously rich and own a large part of the land. Most of the population are kept poor and often illiterate. The secret police ensure that there is no real chance for trade unions or the honest political parties to flourish.

If Morocco had a government like that in Sweden or Switzerland, then wealth would be spread more evenly.

As families grow more wealthy and become better educated, they have fewer children; and they are less likely to want to invade Britain.

What about Radical Islam? In those big Moslem countries where they hold elections the militants seldom get more than 5% of the vote. Think of Malaysia or Indonesia. The militant Moslems only flourish when:

(1) the voters can see no alternative to the existing corrupt regime; think of Algeria in recent decades.

(2) the militants, as in Afghanistan, are supported by the CIA.

The US and UK militaries should kick out the generals with a fascist philosophy and bring in some more enlightened folks.

More prosperity and improved education in Northern Africa will lead to falling birth rates.


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