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THE REAL TERRORISTS IN IRAQ OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD Terrorism IRAN Saudi Arabia INDONESIA London Bombs New Labour New Fascism Sexpionage and child abuse Nona Environment Scotland United States of America Http:// Another Day in the Empire

Israel The truth you don't hear

BBC broadcast ’fake’ news reports

10 things you never knew about Abramoff

Pentagon death squads in Iraq

Pentagon Black Ops: Abducting Peacemakers in Iraq

'I was paid to blame Syria'

Fascism then. Fascism now?

The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in Egypt, Syria and Iran

MI6 and the bombing of Rainbow Warrior

VENEZUELA: Evidence of US involvement in bombing

Scientists' deaths

Syria next? 9/11 Revealed : The Unanswered Questions: Books ...

The naked truth

Casino Jack Abramoff's far flung African network. Click here for Diplomatic Cables.

Outing Brewster Jennings

The Intelligence Game - James Rusbridger

Turkish parliament orders inquiry into bombing

Peretz, Rajapakse, Bachelet, Obrador, Morales.

Promoting child abuse and violence

Bush wanted to bomb Arab ally Qatar


Nazi Bush? Nazi America?

Atta files destroyed by Pentagon Awoken research group

UK troops were trained to use white phosphorus to kill Iraqis.

Iraqi Interior Minister and Iran run 6 other torture chambers

Which Iranian leaders work for the CIA?

Lord linked to TB vaccine concern Labour minister linked to potentially faulty vaccine



UK Labour Party corruption

Police claims raise new questions about "terrorist" raids in Australia

Which Iranian leaders work for the CIA?

Aussie Fake Terror Linked to Brit Intelligence

That shitty little state murders innocent children?


Jordan Bombs

Detroit votes don't add up. Canvassers find boxes with uncounted ballots, discrepancies in 30% of the precinct tallies.

Turkish terror

Updated 16 November 2005 Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from hotel before the bombing - according to Haaretz.

Jordan bombs: clearing the way for Dahlan.


Government plots involving double agents? Terror in Jordan and Australia.

Professor Steven E. Jones

US Economy

Soham force police chief charged with child abuse

Grand Daddy Neocon Shoots Messenger

Updated Security services reportedly involved in carrying out bombings in Turkey

A CIA sanctioned child molestation ring

Bangladesh's Industries Minister, Mr Rahman Nizami, said that the blasts were orchestrated by RAW and Mossad.

Black ops in Turkey:

UK torture camp,14058,1640957,00.html,14058,1640942,00.html

The Jewish Century

Updated - Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from hotel before the bombing - according to Haaretz.

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

British army executes young boys

Death squads in Iraq

French riots - Israeli involvement?

DVDs handed out at mosques

How UK MPs voted on Terror Bill; spot the fascists?

Schoolgirls beheaded by ninjas - Updated

Fascist China

Blair defeated - Hallelujah

Police murder 300

We must save our greatest contribution to civilisation

Scottish Power must be saved

Blair and the Sun - were they right about the 45 minutes? Are they right about the 90 days?

China's superior culture?

Special Reconnaissance Regiment; Leah Mates; Deepcut

Chemical WMD in Iraq

For supporters of Blair and Hitler

Natalia Vodianova

Pat Buchanan and friends

Arrest of alleged terrorists in Australia

Neo-con/fascist provocateurs behind French riots?


US Democrat Party

Gaddafi, Lockerbie, Syria

Bali bomb 'mastermind' al-Farouq allowed to escape?

Double Agents - Militants Beware

The Grand-daddy of all Fake Terror Fall Guys: Guy Fawkes



Lord Fraser: my Lockerbie trial doubts

Iraq murder trial charges dropped - updated

BBC links to MI6?

Germany today ( is blocked in Germany, at least at the level of Internet Cafes)

Army Chaplain Sentenced For Sodomizing Troops

The security services had links to the four July 7 London 'bombers' a year before July 7th.


USA considers invasion of Saudi Arabia

Scotland THE REAL TERRORISTS IN IRAQ OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD Terrorism IRAN Saudi Arabia INDONESIA London Bombs New Labour New Fascism Sexpionage and child abuse Nona Environment United States of America Http://

The unraveling of the Cheney cabal

A bear trained to couple with young girls. Sick US Conservatives.

CIA's Secret Prisons

'Israeli Traitors & Troop Killers'

Bolivia - Morales

Tanweer and DNA

Some UK police appear to be 'little better than criminals' according to think tank.

Pimp My Scooter

Rumsfeld and bird flu, according to CNN Http://

Israel and bombs in Iraq

UK House Price Bubble - Britons owe almost as much as Asia, Africa and South America combined

July 7 'Tube bomber' argued with cashier shortly before blast

Robert Lipschitz; Hariri

Schoolgirls beheaded by ninjas.

Christian gangsters, the American-trained military and terror

'Saddam accepted UAE exile plan to avert Iraq war'

Aziz denies saying Galloway personally profited from oil-for-food.

India, Pakistan and Mossad

British Medical Journal features an editorial on the bird flu

UN's Mehlis report discredited

Assassinations in Lebanon, and the Mosul-Haifa Oil Pipeline,%20and%20the%20Mosul-Haifa%20Oil%20Pipeline%20By%20Mike%20Whitney.htm

Al-Sistani said to weigh pullout demand

Plants and animals are in danger from behaving as if winter is already over

Russia's Islamic rebirth adds tension

Kicking Around the Old Dog Ahmed Jibril

Marc Rich's White House Mole:Lewis Libby?

Jowell husband 'facing jail term'

Australia grabbing East Timor's oil

THE REAL TERRORISTS IN IRAQ OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD Terrorism IRAN Saudi Arabia INDONESIA London Bombs New Labour New Fascism Sexpionage and child abuse Nona Environment United States of America Http://

Israel still in control of Gaza, says envoy,3604,1599744,00.html

Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings

Bird Flu Epidemic is a Hoax

The ground war in Syria has begun

Jeb as the next American President. How do you stop Cheney? Plamegate.

Rumsfeld To Profit From Avian Flu Hoax


Niger-Gate: Italian spy chief Pollari, Michael Ledeen, Larry Franklin, Stephen Hadley, Bush...

Former UN Weapons Inspector: Don't Rule Out Staged Government Terror

MOHAMMED SIDIQUE KHAN - Links to the security services.

Khan is working for the security services?


Young boy trapped in flat with dead mum for up to 6 weeks; how uncaring are the people of Edinburgh?

School indiscipline: solutions to the problem.

David Cameron and former CIA director James Wolsey

BBC and press support for Neocon David Cameron?

David Cameron and the Neo-Cons

Hariri: prime witness in the UN report is a convicted criminal

David Miliband to follow Blair?,6903,1598735,00.html

Bird Flu: Are You Worried? No - 52%

Republican scandals -

31% to pass maths?

The real solution: good teachers,,2092-1838220,00.html

Storm of deals in the North Sea

Mervyn Jenkins

CIA control of Australia? Collins, Toohey, Jenkins, control of oil

`The Greatest Strategic Disaster in U.S. History'

Israel could nuke USA and Europe? Interview with Vanunu

Jack Straw - agent of MI5? Jack Straw and Harold Wilson; Harriet Harman...

Spies in the UK parliament; Wilson? Heath?

Cocaine; Israelis; President Uribe...

Former UK Labour Party leader John Smith was linked to the security services? Was Mandelson spying on the Communist Party?

Blunkett - who is he working for?

Liam Fox hits out at 'gay smears'.

David Cameron and MI5 and MI6

Cocaine and heroin from Columbia; drugs and top people

Shayler: 'Blair was an MI5 agent'.

Bristol Evening Post report on David Shayler's claims that 9 11 was the work of elements of the US government and that Blair worked for MI5

Tony Blair worked for the security services? And Straw, Mandelson, Hain...?

Bird flu and profits at Roche

Bird Flu

Iran arrests 'British agents' in connection with bombings.

What they think about ID cards in the UK

Look at Lochside - The Conservatives got 0.7% of the vote.

The Death of the UK Conservative Party?

Military 'had role in' Bali blasts

In 12 provinces 99% vote in favour of Iraq's new constitution? Vote fraud?

The carve-up of the Middle East; the unleashing of ethnic and sectarian tensions; Syria in danger.

Iraq vote fraud?

The provinces of Anbar, Ninevah, Diyala, Salahuddin and Kirkuk all rejected the constitution?

Venezuela, Opus Dei, Bin Laden....

The typical UK politician?

Poll on UK Tory party leadership

Blair adviser acted for Packer casinos:,,2087-1827639,00.html

Bombs, initially created by the UK security services, killed eight British soldiers in Iraq:

Britain sued for ‘complicity’ in torture:

Britain's network of child drug runners:,6903,1593312,00.html

Pakistan military's earthquake failure:

Bush told Blair shortly before the invasion of Iraq that he intended to target Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

Western journalists murdered by Indonesian military; key Balibo witness dies; UK and Australian cover-up

'Americans disguised as Arabs try to set off bomb'.

UK judge's Railtrack ruling 'a whitewash'.

Much of the Iraqi government exists only on paper.

Boycott Botswana

UK: Clarke opposes Iraq war. Cameron supports Iraq war.

Refco: World's hedge funds face crisis as Refco suspends trading

Indonesia and Britain seem to be very similar when it comes to courts and judges.

Bird flu

Letter on Lockerbie by Dr Jim Swire
Forensic mix-up casts fresh Lockerbie doubt.

USA causing earthquakes?

Details of tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are released.

CIA assets executed in order to silence them?

Cabinda, Aceh, Southern Cameroons, Western Sahara, Igboland, Ogonoland, Somaliland, Turkoman, Assyrians...

Secret plan for Lockerbie bomber; Megrahi to leave Britain.

Bombs; the police; protection

Almost half of UK children are leaving primary school without the basic skills

Big trouble in China

Calvi trial

David Cameron is as undesirable as Tory Blair?

Breaking up the Arab world
Survivors of 7 July London bombs fail to mention seeing bombers or rucksacks.

Saudi Arabia
London Bombs
New Labour New Fascism
Sexpionage and child abuse
United States of America

Moslems working for the security services; Zionists.

A motive for the Bali Bombs of 2005? A return of the military's territorial function?

Scotland: average earnings would stand at £11,779 higher per person
Scotland's oil wealth and the BBC

Websites blocked?

Iran not interfering in Iraq-Iraqi prime minister

Oligarchs control Ukraine

Britain carries out terrorist bombings in Iran?

Thatcher, DeLay, Abramoff.


Links between 'Moslem militants' and the security services.
Display of body parts
KOPASSUS terror in Indonesia
In Indonesia, US companies subcontract terror to the military.

Details of tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are released.

Labour secretly attack Lib Dems in Scotland; problems over nuclear plants.

Scottish fishing and Scottish oil.

Norway, Germany, France, Italy and Poland; a rejection of neo-con policies.

UK troops leave Basra

Abu Qatada and Bisher al-Rawi worked for MI5


Livingston and Cathcart vote to remain poor, downtrodden and fascist.

Murder capital of Europe.

British nuclear plants to be sold to Halliburton?

Blair in secret Saudi mission

Yarkas 9 11 trial in Spain was a sham, according to the Spanish media.

Prison for Brits who glorify terrorist acts. Does that include members of the UK government?


Saudi Arabia
London Bombs
New Labour New Fascism
Sexpionage and child abuse
United States of America

Blair and bin Laden and QinetiQ

Turkey: 'half the children at the country's biggest child psychiatric hospital die every year'.

Who infiltrated the anti-apartheid movement?

Why no detailed photos of all the IRA weapons?

Nicola and independence

More allegations concerning Aswat and robberies in Ireland.

Italy has terror drills; repeat of Operation Gladio?

The Independent on Sunday asks questions about the undercover soldiers arrested in Basra.

Professor Paul Wilkinson, Frank Kitson and pseudo gangs.

G-8 Gleneagles debt deal to collapse?
Hart Viges

In Iraq the British are in bed with Mossad?
Brigadier Kerr carrying out covert operations in Iraq?
Intelligence Operations in Ireland and Iraq

US death squads in Thailand? Two US marines taken hostage and killed.
Scotland to become richest nation in Europe?
Basra's governor withdraws all co-operation.

US military involved in one of the largest thefts in history?

Iraqi: "I believe it is the Americans who are doing this, pretending it is the Sunni, so there will be a civil war and they can control our wealth."

New Labour revealed

Companies paying up to £40,000 to advertise secretly on the BBC

Abou Moussab Al-Zarkaoui est mort.

Government lab withheld evidence that no ricin had been found in 'Ricin Plot'. Men found not guilty to be deported to Algeria.

Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil in Algeria.

BAE and Suharto

George Galloway - Government engineered terrorism

A witness hears 'explosives being used to destroy the Industrial Canal in New Orleans'

Anglo-American fascism: military, government and business links revealed; Pinochet and BAE

Mystery surrounds floodwall breaches

Drowning by Numbers

Hundreds of US troops killed in Thailand?

New Orleans contracts - cronyism

Scotland's true oil wealth was hidden to stop independence.

The Guardian or The Times

In New Orleans doctors killed patients who could not be evacuated.

Nutmeg, Heroin, Oil

London bombs: former UK cabinet minister Meacher says MI6 is trying to cover its tracks.


Britain's continued looting of Africa

The rectums of frogs

Murder of human rights activist by the security services? Munir and Hendropriyono; the Bali Bomb and illegal logging.

Top Politicians, Economists, Other Leaders State 9/11 Possibly an Inside Job

Police rape and torture of children

Did Bush government break the levees?

Almost two million to die from killer disease TB this year.

The people of Livingston can speak up for the people of Scotland and the people of the world

The Philippines - a US colony - CIA links

Katrina continued

Moslem fascists - Husseini - Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco.

Planned killings; Nazis; FEMA; Bush.
Germany is the world's single biggest exporter; UK could be Europe's sick man; Scottish Power.
Katrina - New Orleans
Typical British soldiers?

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked
9 11 Revealed - The Daily Mail



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