Thursday, June 08, 2006

The new face of the UK Conservative Party - Gerald Howarth

Today's typical British Conservative Member of Parliament is Gerald Howarth.

What do we know about Howarth?

He is Shadow Defence Minister.

He is a friend of ex-MP Neil Hamilton.

He is the Thatcherite MP for the military town of Aldershot.

He is the former parliamentary private secretary to Margaret Thatcher.

He was a member of the Tory "No Turning Back" Group from 1990-92.

His views on Clause 28, immigration, anti-racism laws, support for former Chilean leader General Pinochet and Neil Hamilton are extreme right-wing.

Howarth was highly critical of the government's treatment of General Pinochet.

Howarth described Pinochet as "a true friend of the UK".

Howarth opposed the scrapping of Clause 28.

Has David Cameron's Tory Party really changed?

Of course not.

The Conservatives are still the party of the Pentagon, Israel and Big Business - just like Blair's Labour Party.


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