Friday, June 23, 2006

London Bombs

The following was posted by W B Kelso:

I saw this story in the New York Times. I feel it is of interest.

Notice how 1O Downing Street and the Met Police are now seemingly careful to falsely claim that they never committed themselves to the Muslim-suicide-bombers theory of 7 July!

The other disinformational meaning is to engage doubters, by seeming to share their doubts while drawing them into accepting the most false aspects of the tale:

1. The 4 lads were each definitely found at the explosion sites, identified first, straightaway, and promptly tagged as the bombers because of the ways their bodies were positioned!

2. The bombs were definitely carried onto the trains and onto the only London bus diverted that morning, by the 3 Leeds lads and their co-religionist.

3. The homemade and unstable bombs were detonated near-simultaneously by homemade means unknown. The dodgy bombs were driven from Leeds to London. The lads inexplicably left more bombs in their cars, at Luton.

4. No explanation is given for the police search of Luton station. With good reason: whoever led the police to Luton was involved in the false flag operation. There is no way the police could possibly have detected their way to the cars left at Luton station containing the left-over bombs and other incriminating items placed inside them.

So, the Muslims still did it.

What about the recent anonymous, official "narrative", which Blair and Blair no longer believe in?

No evidence has yet been published that the lads were even in London.

The PTB have still to put up those arrested for the "copycat" op of 21 July.

You might enjoy this analysis: Staging an Attack to Fix the Coverup of Another by cyte and "impatient"


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