Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Guardian reveals the evidence concerning the bombardment of a Gaza holiday beach.

In The Guardian, 16 June 2006, Chris McGreal reveals the evidence concerning the Israeli bombardment of a Gaza holiday beach.

Who really killed Huda Ghalia's family?,,1799558,00.html

The Guardian reports that:

Former Pentagon battlefield analyst, Marc Garlasco, investigated the deaths for Human Rights Watch.

"You have the crater size, the shrapnel, the types of injuries, their location on the bodies. That all points to a shell dropping from the sky, not explosives under the sand," he said.

"I've been to hospital and seen the injuries. The doctors say they are primarily to the head and torso. That is consistent with a shell exploding above the ground, not a mine under it."

Mr Garlasco produced shrapnel from the site apparently marked as a 155mm shell used by the army that day.

The Guardian article points out:

Hospital admissions records, testimony from doctors and ambulance men and eyewitness accounts suggest that the (Israeli) military has got the timing of the explosion wrong, and that it occurred while the (Israeli) army was still shelling the beach.


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