Saturday, June 10, 2006

Goa: sun, slime and gangsters

From the Herald, Goa:

Sun, slime and gangsters - Go Goa

CALANGUTE, 3 June 2006:

The sandy beaches and the sleepy hamlets of Goa are no longer safe. They are, in fact, turning into a hideout for members of the underworld from Mumbai.

While the police continue to deny it, over the past few months more and more names are cropping up, thereby tarnishing Goa's sunny name.

Says a senior police officer, "There is absolute lack of intelligence gathering in the state."

(Sukumar Shastri, Herald) GOACOM.COM DAILY GOA NEWS CLIPS:: 04 JUNE 2006


From the Herald, Goa:

So one more murder in broad daylight where a gangster was killed by people brandishing swords and threatening others with guns...

Then what happened at Chimbel yesterday – was it a one off incident or something to start worrying about? The fact that the criminals used swords and threatened someone with swords shows the seriousness of the situation. This is not your ordinary vaddo fight with people yelling over the village well but indicates that something sinister is happening in Goa.

That is what the Herald was trying to highlight - that more and more dangerous persons are entering Goa and nothing is known about it or being done about it...

Yes, what is being done about this rise in crime that is plaguing Goa today? Drugs, paedophilia and now gang wars. What safety can the common man look forward too?

Has Goa become another Bihar where the rule of the gun has surpassed the rule of law? Has Goa degenerated so much that today no one cares for the man in khaki and what are the men in khaki doing about it. Each passing day, with each additional murder, Goa’s peaceful and tranquil image is getting tarnished. And that is what we at Herald are concerned about - “what about the common man’’ and when will the government do something to reassure them before it gets out of control.


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