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The book "Defrauding America", by Rodney Stich, is about criminal activity by elements of the United Staes government.

Rodney Stich was an FAA investigator who became a whistleblower.

Stich writes:

"Many criminal activities such as the CIA drugging of America will be difficult to believe by most Americans who have been shielded from the truth by a duplicitous Congress and much of the media.

"For those of us who have seen these events as insiders, including those who actually participated in them, questioning whether the CIA would engage in drug trafficking is like asking pilots, 'Will planes really fly?' Yes, planes actually fly, and yes, the CIA has been smuggling drugs into the United States for the past 50 years."

One of the chapters in Stich's book is entitled, "CIA and DEA Drug Trafficking."

Stich writes:

"My phone was used for hundreds of hours of three-way conference calls between CIA and DEA personnel, their wives, a Mossad agent and even Ross Perot. Often the conversations were of the nature of one pilot describing to another events that they experienced each one knowing that any fabrication would be recognized by the other. My position was like a secret mole inside covert CIA activities, adding to the discoveries I made while a federal investigator and while being victimized in one of the many criminal enterprises."

Stich refers to CIA operatives GuntherRussbacher and Trenton Parker.

Stich writes:

"Parker told how the CIA set up the meetings in which various Colombian drug dealers organized into a drug trafficking cartel... He stated that the first meeting occurred with twenty of the biggest cocaine dealers in Colombia present, that the second and final meeting was held at the Hotel International inMedellin attended by about two hundred drug dealers. The Medellin Cartel was established in December 1981, and each of their members paid an initial $35,000 fee to fund a security force for the cartel members to protect their drug operations."

Stich writes:

"CIA operative Gunther Russbacher confirmed the meetings thatParker mentioned and that there had been apreliminary meeting in September 1981 in Buenaventura, Colombia whiche stablished the format for subsequent meetings. Russbacher attended theSeptember 1981 meeting which was initiated by the CIA to facilitate drug trafficking into the United States, permitting the CIA to deal with a group rather than many independent drug dealers."

According to Stich:

"The averageAmerican is unaware of the gravity of the CIA's criminal activities thanks to the orchestrated cover up and disinformation by the establishment media. The corrupt mindset has existed for years.

"Initiating wars as in Vietnam and assassination activities as in Vietnam and Central America are routine... Although the CIA is not permitted by law to operate within the United States, it has done so. It has engaged and is engaging in many forms of criminal activities against the American people.

"Through fronts, cutouts and proprietaries, the CIA has defrauded all types of US financial institutions including savings and loans, banks and insurancecompanies.

"The CIA is a major player inthe looting of Chapter 11 assets, makingthe exercise of Chapter 11 statutory protections a trap for unwary Americans."

Rich describes a conversation with an informant, Gene "Chip" Tatum, a helicopter pilot for the US Army and theCIA.

Stich writes:

During one flight to Tegucigalpa on March 15, 1985, Tatum met with William Barr, Michael Harari (Mossad) and Buddy Young, head of Governor Bill Clinton's securitydetail.

Young: Arkansas has the capability to manufacture anything in the area of weapons and if we don't have it, we'll get it.

Harari: How about the governmentcontrols?

Young: The governor's on top of it. And if the feds get nosey, we hear about it and make a call. Then they're called off.(looking at the ground) Why the hell would anyone want to fight for a shithole like this?

Harari: What we do has nothing to do with preserving a country's integrity. It's just business and third world countries see their destiny as defeating borders and expanding. The more of this mentality we can produce, the greater our wealth. We train and we arm: that's our job. And in return we get a product far more valuable than the money for a gun. We're paid with product and we credit top dollar for product ( drugs). Look, one gun and3 ,000 rounds of ammo is $1,200. A kilo ofproduct (cocaine) is about $1,000. We credit the Contras $1,500 for every kilo. That's top dollar for a kilo of cocaine. It's equivalent to the American K-Mart special: buy four, get one free. On our side we spend $1,200 for a kilo and sell it for$12,000 to $15,000. Now that's a profi tcenter. And the market is much greater for the product than for weapons. It's just goodbusiness sense. Understand?

Young: Damn. So you guys promote wars and revolutions to provide weapons for drugs. We provide the non-numbered parts to change out and we all win. Damn,that's good!

Harari: It's good when it works. But someone, how do you say, has his hand in the coffer.

Young: Well we get our ten percent right off the top and that's plenty. Gofus can make it go a long way.

Harari: Gofus?

Young: Governor Clinton. That's our pet word for him. You know they call the president 'Potus' for president of the United States. Well, we call Clinton 'Gofus' for governor of the United States. He thinks he is anyhow.

Harari: That's your problem inAmerica. You have no respect for your elected officials. They are more powerful than you think and they have ears everywhere...

Young: Aw, hell, Mike. Everybody knows the Clintons want the White House and will do anything to get it. We know about the cocaine. Hell, we've picked it up before with Lasater when he was worried about going on to Little Rock Air Base to get it.

Harari: So who are the players?

Young: Clinton thinks he's in charge, but he'll only go as far as Casey [CIADirector] allows. Me and my staff, we keep the lid on things, you know, complaints about night flying. Arkansas people are private folks. They don't like a lot of commotion and Mena just isn't the right place for the operation. It keeps us busy at the shredder, if you know what I mean. Dan's the man [Lasater]. He does magic with the money. Between him andJack Stephens, we don't have to worry a bit..."

Stich writes:

"William Barr, whom Bush appointed to be the top law enforcement officer in theUnited States, U.S. Attorney General, played a key role in the smuggling of drugs into the United States. The drugging ofAmerica involved the CIA, the military, the White House through Oliver North, George Bush and Governor Bill Clinton among many others. Mena, Arkansas was a key CIA trans-shipment point for cocaine coming into the United States on return flights from Central America delivering guns to kill people in Nicaragua...

"After Clinton was elected President of the United States, his administration and its Justice Department halted all investigations and prosecution of the crimes related to Inslaw, October Surprise, CIA drug trafficking and money laundering, BNL, BCCI and Iraqgate...

"Clinton had much to hide when he left Arkansas to assume the presidency of the United States. His misuse of government facilities and powerto feed his sex drive, his use of drugs, his coverup of the CIA's unlawful arms shipments from Arkansas and related drug trafficking, were crimes. The mysterious deaths, killings and beatings of people possessing information that would expose these corrupt activities added further to Clinton's problems. He certainly needed a thick armor of protective officials in government. Fortunately for him, the U.S. media kept the lid on these major crimes."

Stich refers to FBI Special Agent Richard M. Taus who uncovered evidence of CIA drug trafficking by the "K-Team."

Stich writes:

"the K-Team had a front operation with the patriotic sounding name National Freedom Institute and called its operation the 'Enterprise,' the same that repeatedly surfaced in the Iran Contra congressional hearings... Taus' team discovered that that K-Team was a CIA operation and that it was engaged in drug trafficking, looting of savings and loans and activities related to what later became known as Irangate and Iraqgate."

One of Stich's informants, Gene"Chip" Tatum confirmed these allegations.

Tatum was the helicopter pilot in Central America for Oliver North, Felix Rodriguez (akaMax Gomes) and William Barr (attorneyof the CIA's Southern Air Transport and later Bush's US Attorney General).

According to Stich, Tatum refers to a meeting to

"determine where over $100million in drug money disappeared on the three routes from Panama to Colorado, Ohio and Arkansas. This theft was financially draining the operation known as the 'Enterprise'... The first call was made by Fernandez to Oliver North, informing North that 'the money loss was occurring on the Panama to Arkansas route, and that means either Seal, Clinton or Noriega.'"

Stich continues:

"Fifteen minutes later the portable phone rang and Vice President George Bush was on the line talking to WilliamBarr.

"Barr said at one point, referring to the missing funds, 'Iwould propose that no one source wouldbe bold enough to siphon out that much money, but it is more plausible that each are siphoning a portion causing a drastic loss'... Tatum said that Barr then dialed another number immediately reaching then governor Bill Clinton. Barr explained the missing money problem to Clinton explaining that over $100 million of the Enterprise monies had disappeared... warning that the matter mustbe resolved or 'it could lead to big problems.'"

Stich writes that Tatum described "flying the group to Santa Ana, Honduras meeting with Enrique Bermudez and other Contra leaders and visiting a cocaine processing facility. Tatum described the strong smell of jet fuel and acetone and the large fuel pods that had the tops stripped off them and in which were fuel andleaves.

"Tatum repeated what Oliver North said, 'One more year of this and we'll all retire.'"

"North added, 'If we can keep those Arkansa shicks in line that is,' referring to Barry Seal and Governor Clinton... As Tatum listened to these conversations he remembered the army officer's' remarks, 'Tell no one. There's no one big enough in your chain of command.'"

Stich writes about the CIA's death squads.

Stich writes that according to informant Robert L. Freeman, a group was trained by the U.S. military for an operation intended to destabilize Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - BEFORE the Vietnam War.

"Freeman was one of 45 blacks trained by the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and CIA for the sole purpose of killing anyone, including U.S. service men and advisors.

"He described in great detail how his group was mentally brainwashed, trained and armed, engaged in random and indiscriminate killings to destabilize the region and justify U.S. intervention... Freeman was the head of a five man assassination team ordered by the team's CIA handlers to kill anyone they encountered and leave evidence that another faction had done the killings. Freeman said that for several years his team went on a killing spree, sometimes wiping out an entire small village."


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