Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Which brands do you like?

An online survey of almost 3,000 UK consumers has been carried out by marketing agency Joshua.


The Top 10 hated included

Pot Noodle 20.6%

McDonald's 14.8%

The Star 13.4%

The Sun 12.9%

The Top 10 loved included:

Google 31.6%

eBay 19.2%

Dell 17.4%

Debenhams 15.5%

British Airways 15.3%

"Manchester United were both the most loved and the most hated football team. With the exception of Liverpool - Champions League winners - all of the top five Premiership football clubs had become less popular than last year.",,1776639,00.html

Brands that we like include:

Monaco AS Monaco Football Club

The Salvation Army The Salvation Army: United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland

The Renault Megane

The Renault Megane car advert has wiggling bottoms. It was banned from daytime and early evening TV because young children were copying it.

The bottoms were rotated in time to a tune which repeated the line "shakin’ that ass".

The Independent Television Commission said the advert had "sexual connotations" for some viewers.


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