Sunday, May 21, 2006

An SNP-Liberal Democrat government in Scotland is 'now a distinct possibility'.

Blair's Labour Party has carried out a private poll in Scotland.

Secret poll: Labour in meltdown

Labour and the Conservatives are set to lose seats in the Scottish parliament.

The Scottish National Party and the Liberal democrats are set to win seats.

Labour 30% in the constituency vote (down 5% on 2003)
SNP 29% (up 5%)
Liberal democrats 17% (up 2%)
Conservatives 15% (down 1.5%)

A source close to Nicol Stephen, the Liberal Democrat leader in Scotland, says that a coalition with the SNP, is now a distinct possibility. “Labour are right to worry that we’ll do that. There’s no law that says Labour must always be in power or that we can’t work with the SNP,” he said.

If the poll is accurate, a Scottish National Party - Liberal Democrat coalition would have 65 seats. Labour would have only 37 seats.


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