Sunday, May 28, 2006

Israeli phones used in Dahab bombing in Egypt

Aaron Klein, at World Net Daily 26 May 2006, wrote that Israeli phones were used by the bombers who recently attacked an Egyptian resort.

The terrorists who carried out last month's triple bomb blasts in the Sinai resort town of Dahab used Israeli cell phones as their primary method of communication, according to security officials close to the investigation...

Twenty-four people were killed and more than 85 were injured last month in the bomb attacks, which ripped through a Dahab restaurant, cafe and shopping center...

Sources close to the investigation said the Egyptian terror cell communicated with each other using Israeli cell phones. They said an Israeli cell phone chip was found on Mounir Muhareb, a suspected plotter of the attack who was killed in clashes with Egyptian forces earlier this month...

The Egyptian officials have requested the Hamas-led Palestinian government arrest and turn over a wanted militant

Abu Abir, spokesperson for the Popular Resistance Committees, said he was aware of the Egyptian request but denied his group was harboring anyone associated with the Dahab bombings.

"This is propaganda to discredit us and Hamas," Abu Abir told WND.


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