Sunday, May 14, 2006

Google adverts

In April 2006, Google reported its first-quarter profits were up 60 per cent from a year ago to $592 million (£332 million), thanks to surging online advertising revenues.

Google reported a 79 per cent jump in online advertising.


Results for our blogs for Saturday 13 May 2006:

Page impressions 523 (Good for a Saturday)

Clicks 7 (This looks good and is the sort of number one would expect.)

Earnings US $ 0.23 (This is not a lot of money. What does a small local newspaper charge for its adverts?)

Hardly worth having adverts on blogs?

The adverts waste a lot of space?

Our blogs attract some of the most intelligent and wealthy people on the planet. Surely the adverts should make more money for the bloggers?

If bloggers begin to think that adverts are a waste of space, what happens to Google profits?


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