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"There have been at least 20 CIA agents on the payroll of Enron."

"Halliburton... has deep ties to the CIA and the military...

"It does not appear to be a simple case of coincidence that Saudi Binladin, a long time business partner with the Bush family, also has a partnership with a Dick Cheney-affiliated Halliburton that works with Enron."



Enron backed Bush and Blair.

According to :

'Enron helped bankroll Bush's campaign for President and paid for thugs to be flown into Florida from Washington to disrupt the recounts...

'Enron's links to Bush are so close that Bush saw necessary to lie about them in public. He stated that Enron boss Ken 'Kenny Boy' Lay had only been an acquaintance and only since the mid nineties. In fact Lay and Bush were buddies at least in the late eighties.'

Enron was one of the key backers of Tony Blair's New Labour Party.

Enron accountants Arthur Anderson were New Labour's favorites when it came to lucrative deals on hospitals, schools, the defence research business, railtrack...

The Enron 'was an outright mafia style theft'.

Enron 'was used as a shell company to suck cash out of the US financial system. The cash was deposited in bogus companies in tax havens where it was untraceable, and then stolen by persons unknown'.

Leading UK Conservative politician John Wakeham sat on the committee supervising Enron's accounting.


According to George Anthony at :

'Hundreds of Enron executives have made off with huge handouts. Scores of politicians have benefited, from Lord Wakenham, on a directors fee of £80,000 plus, to George Bush who has received a total of $500,000 since running for Texas governor in 1994. With evasive Vice-President Dick Cheney having the highest profile under scrutiny for his links with this power and energy corporation...

'Karl Milner, a former aide to Gordon Brown, who left him to work in the lucrative lobbying business for Enron, bragged in 1998 that "We have many friends in government. They like to run things past us some days in advance, to get our views..."'


Enron, Halliburton, Bush...bin Laden?

The next section is from

At the web site Rumor Mill News (, a journalist named "Phoenix" has laid out business links that tie Enron to the bin Laden family.

These connections, which have been independently verified by Michael Ruppert (, play out as follows:

1. Osama bin Laden's family business, the Saudi Binladin Group, is a major construction company. Saudi Binladin Group was an investor in the Carlyle Group. Carlyle's directors include George H.W. Bush, and James Baker. George W. Bush's firm Arbusto Energy was funded by an investment from Texas investment banker James Bath, who was also the investment counselor for the bin Laden family. Bath had connections to the CIA, and was involved with the Iran-Contra, savings and loan, and BCCI scandals.

2. One of Saudi Binladen's joint venture partners is H.C. Price Company.

3. H.C. Price is a major builder of pipelines, and is involved in large projects, including two projects for Enron: the Florida Gas Pipeline and the Northern Border Pipeline running from the US/Canadian border from Montana to Illinois.

4. In 1996, Dresser Industries and Shaw Industries merged their pipecoating businesses to form Bredaro-Shaw Group. H.C. Price became part of Bredaro-Shaw.

5. Halliburton acquired Dresser in 1998. George H.W. Bush's father, Prescott, was the managing director of Brown Brothers Harriman, which previously owned Dresser. Dresser Industries gave George H.W. Bush his first job in 1948.

6. Dick Cheney orchestrated the Dresser and Bredaro-Shaw acquisitions.

7. Both Halliburton, and its subsidiary Brown & Root, have deep ties to the CIA and the military. The company has been involved in US military conflicts in Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Chechnya, Pakistan, Colombia and Rwanda. Brown & Root builds oil rigs, pipelines, wells, and nuclear reactors.

It does not appear to be a simple case of coincidence that Saudi Binladin, a long time business partner with the Bush family, also has a partnership with a Dick Cheney-affiliated Halliburton that works with Enron.


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