Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The following comment comes from w.b. kelso :

Chomsky works for the enemy.

He believes the US government about Kennedy's murder and 9/11, says disbelief is "irrelevant" and "damaging".

He has lived in Israel, believes in Israel and now writes:

Although Hamas has not said so, it would come as no great surprise if Hamas were to agree that Jews may remain in scattered areas in the present Israel, while Palestine constructs huge settlement and infrastructure projects to take over the valuable land and resources, effectively breaking Israel up into unviable cantons, virtually separated from one another and from some small part of Jerusalem where Jews would also be allowed to remain. And they might agree to call the fragments "a state". If such proposals were made, we would - rightly - regard them as virtually a reversion to Nazism, a fact that might elicit some thoughts.

This nonsense is why Noam Chomsky is a certified Jewish genius and the best-known rebel in the Anglo-American media bubble - so dangerous he lectures at West Point.

Chomsky is a disinfo agent for the Guardian reader, a perfect adornment of the simulated Left and the Pretend-to Stop-the-War movement.


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