Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Cabinet

Prime Minister and Minister for the Civil Service
The Rt Hon Adolf Hitler MP

Adolf Hitler was born in "Braunau am Inn", Austria, but spent most of his childhood in Durham. After attending a private school, he volunteered for service in the Bavarian army. He studied law at Oxford, and went on to become a barrister. Mr Hitler joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party in 1919 and in 1933 won the seat of Sedgefield in the General Election.

Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State
The Rt Hon Hermann Göring MP.

Herman Goring was elected Labour Member of Parliament for Hull East in 1933. He obtained a large income from his various official posts and converted an old Berlin palace into his official residence.

Chancellor of the Exchequer
The Rt Hon Walter Funk MP

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
The Rt Hon Joachim von Ribbentrop MP

Secretary of State for the Home Department
The Rt Hon Heinrich Himmler MP

Secretary of State for Culture and Media
The Rt Hon Joseph Goebbels MP

Secretary of State for Defence
The Rt Hon Werner von Blomberg MP

Minister without Portfolio
The Rt Hon Arthur Seyss-Inquart MP


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