Saturday, May 13, 2006

The baby mind reader

Nina Sebastiane is a TV presenter on the Baby Channel.

A recent guest on Baby Talk was psychic Derek Ogilvie, a Scot, who has written a book called The Baby Mind Reader.

Derek talked to Nina and to Clare Neal, who had brought her two-year-old, William, to the TV studio.

"I'm 41," says Derek. "Going back to being nine, our neighbour died, and he used to visit me."

"A spirit?" asks Nina.

"A spirit," says Derek. "But I kept it very quiet."

Derek makes 'telepathic communications' with William and learns of a miscarriage Clare had at age 18 .

"William communicates with the spirit of the child who passed away," says Derek.

Derek states that William is worried that Clare has failed to complete a course of tablets that sit in the bathroom cabinet.

Derek continues: "What William's saying to me just now is that he wants to be able to go to the toilet and do a poo. Doing a poo, not a number one, is very important to William.",,1772496,00.html


Derek believes all babies are born psychic.

'We all have an ability to communicate telepathically from the moment we are born, or even earlier,' he says. 'But this ability is worn down and constrained as soon as we develop verbal articulacy. There's no need for it anymore and, therefore, our telepathic and psychic abilities are lost.'

'Babies communicate messages to me in the form of pictures or feelings, which I can then interpret and pass on to their parents,' says Derek. 'An image will appear in my mind, or a pain in my body, which helps me see what they are trying to get across. For example, a picture of an arm, and a pain in my right arm, will tell me that that is where they are feeling pain, or where, perhaps, they have sustained a previous injury that might have gone unnoticed (I had this with a little boy who'd had a small bruise on the underside of his leg that no one had seen). If I feel a pain but see a picture of their mum, they are telling me that this is where their mum hurts.' The Baby Mind Reader: Amazing Psychic Stories from ...


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