Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Australia to return to East Timor?

Australian PM John Howard, on 12 May 2006, ruled out Australian involvement in any military action in Iran.

Howard also announced a military build-up for a possible new occupation of East Timor.

The East Timor government has not asked for help from the Australian military.

There are reports of troops, armour and naval units assembling in Darwin.

In East Timor, about one third of the East Timorese army recently resigned.

The East Timor government is close to a settlement with the disaffected troops.

Iranian president Ahmadinejahad recently made visit to Indonesia.

The Sydney Morning Herald on 15 May quoted un-named "senior sources" as saying Howard, while in Washington, "did not expect to be asked by the Americans to increase Australia’s troop commitment" to Iraq or Afghanistan.


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