Monday, April 03, 2006

YouGov poll on Iraq; brainwashing

Time to pull out of Iraq, Tony

According to a YouGov poll for The Telegraph, 3 April 2006:

A substantial majority in the UK wants troops to be withdrawn from Iraq, either immediately or within 12 months, regardless of conditions on the ground.

The YouGov survey for The Daily Telegraph shows opposition to the war at its highest level since the US-led coalition invaded the country in March 2003.

Fifty-seven per cent of respondents believe that George W Bush and Tony Blair were wrong to take military action.

Only a third still believes they were right.

The YouGov poll shows that 55 per cent of people want Britain to withdraw either immediately (24 per cent) or "within the next 12 months regardless of conditions" (31 per cent).

A minority, 39 per cent, agrees with the Government that Britain should continue to deploy troops until Iraq's police and troops are ready to take over.

The survey shows that opinion is gradually tilting against the argument that any allied withdrawal will constitute a major victory for international terrorism.

Support for the war is strongest among Labour supporters: 54 per cent of them either genuinely believe that the war was justified or feel bound to back the Government.

Among Conservative voters, only 30 per cent still believe in the war.


54% of Labour supporters believe the war was justified. These are the people who are poorly educated and easily brainwashed. These are the sort of people who would have supported Stalin or Hitler back in the 1930s.


BBC television put out a documentary called The Insurgency, on 2 April 2006.

The documentary appeared to be pure propaganda from the Pentagon.

The documentary made lots of references to al Qaeda and allowed various US military people to put forward the argument that the US troops cannot be withdrawn from Iraq because they are needed to keep the peace.

Iraqis seemed to be portrayed as violent.

There was no attempt to put forward the argument that the US is the cause of the violence in Iraq and that the withdrawal of the US would please the majority of Iraqis.


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