Saturday, April 29, 2006

The World's most expensive house

Where do the World's richest people want to buy a house?

Monaco, New York and Switzerland are important.

But the UK is number one.

Upper Phillimore Gardens, in London's Kensington, is a nine-bedroom, seven-bathroom white house costing £25m.

In London's Highgate there is a 25-bedroom mansion costing around £32m.

Overlooking the Thames is Swan House costing around £32m. There is room for cooks, and maids and au pairs and drivers. Of course there's a cinema, a gym, and a swimming pool.

Updown Court at Windlesham in Surrey costs around £70m.

It has:

103 rooms,

a banqueting hall,

five swimming pools,

a bowling alley,

a squash court,

a cinema,

a gym,

a beauty salon,

a billiards room,

an all-weather floodlit tennis court,

stables for five horses,

a helipad,

and 58 acres.


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