Saturday, April 29, 2006

The world's biggest cruise liner

The Freedom of the Seas is the world's biggest cruise liner.

It is 339m long, 56m wide and 72m high.

Its decks are big enough for 25 football pitches.

There are 2 propellers, moveable by 360 degrees.

It has been built for United States-Norwegian company Royal Caribbean International.

It can carry 4 375 passengers and 1 365 crew. The Queen Mary 2 takes up to 2 620 passengers.

The Freedom of the Seas has salmon-pink corridors and columns and obelisks.


Lots of pools; one pool has artificial waves big enough to surf,

A 135m-long shopping mall,

a rock-climbing wall,

an ice rink,

a minigolf pitch,

a casino,

three F-16 fighter-jet replicas,

a Morgan sports car.

The ship will mainly cruise the waters of the Caribbean.

In April 2006 it will set sail for ports of call in Southampton, Britain, and New York before arriving in its home port of Miami.

The Freedom of the Seas will leave on its first Caribbean cruise on June 4 2006.

The ship will soon lose its top title.

The Genesis is expected to be able to carry 5 400 passengers and is due to sail in late 2009.


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