Saturday, April 29, 2006

UK Cabinet changes

Scene: Westminster Sauna and Massage Parlour.

Al - So who's going to be Home Secretary?

Lauren - I hear it will be Tessa Jowell. The PM wants a crack down on the Mafia.

Al - And who takes over Culture, Media and Sport?

Lauren - Ian McCartney's the man for Culture.

Al - David Miliband?

Lauren - Minister for Homeland Security and Unease.

Al - John Prescott?

Lauren - Secretary of State for Rural affairs. The PM wants John to get out of London a bit more.

Al - What else do you know?

Lauren - Lord Levy to be Foreign Secretary.

Al - Gordon Brown?

Lauren - He's being offered the post of Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Northern Ireland Office.

Al - This is all fiction isn't it?

Lauren - Wait and see.


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