Friday, April 28, 2006

Sex and Blair's cabinet

John Profumo was UK Defence minister in a Conservative Government. Profumo's mistress was Christine Keeler who was sleeping with a Russian naval attache, Eugene Ivanov, widely suspected of being a spy.

What about ministers in Tony Blair's Labour government?

Robin Cook was at one time Foreign Secretary and in charge of MI6. Robin Cook had a mistress, his secretary Gaynor Regan.

David Blunkett was Home Secretary and in charge of MI5. Blunkett had a mistress, Kimberly Quinn.

Derry Irvine was Lord Chancellor, the cabinet minister in charge of the legal system.
Irvine made off with the wife of fellow cabinet minister Donald Dewar.

Steven Byers was transport minister. Byers admitted having a one-night stand with 52-year-old blonde councillor Barbara Corish.

John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister, has been having an affair with his Civil Service secretary.

aangirfan: Sexpionage

aangirfan: The Plot Against Harold Wilson - what they missed out.


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ziz said...

There are people who know the Humberside Humper well who have been retailing obviously arrant nonsense and bar room gossip that cannot possibly be true to the effect that Rosie Winterton is a very, very great admirer of the Hull Heayweight and has been for some considerable time as the unmarried lady has plenty of time on her hands to deal with weekends.

There are those (like me) who have, like Two Shags Johnny, been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and suffer (like some 2% of the adult population with what we doctors call "erectile dysfunction") . ... the spirit is willing ... but the flesh is weak.

Regrettable this weekend weakening does rather remove the pleasures of pairing with MP's which gets my vote but rather leaves one just hanging about the lobby like a spare prick.

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