Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sack 90% of the top people at the BBC

The BBC churns out corrupting junk, sleaze, violence and nonsense.

Take Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Many see it as less than wildly entertaining.

One critic noted:

"How depressing it was to watch that first run of shows appear to fail on such a massive scale."

Jonathan Ross earns £530,000 for one three-hour show a week.

That is £3,397 per hour.

Take the BBC Television News.

Huw Edwards and Fiona Bruce read the propaganda material ( Iraq has weapons of mass destruction....) as if it was true. There is no hint of irony. Are Huw and Fiona naive or just doing the job for the money?

Take BBC dramas and soaps.

Where are good role models for the kids to follow?

Most BBC drama follows the American model: lots of mayhem, madness and murder.

What should be done about the BBC?

We would suggest sacking the Governors, the Director General and 90% of the big name employees.

Bring in some new talent and make sure none of them are part of some sort of St Johns Wood mafia who all attend the same place of worship.


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