Friday, March 24, 2006

Violent pornography

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Susan Bailey, professor of Child and Adolescent Forensic Mental Health at the University of Central Lancashire, believes parents should monitor the images their children are exposed to.

She said: “The work I have done on children who have killed, committed sexual offences or other crimes suggests that exposure to pornography is a factor. It is certainly well documented in the literature.

“You do find they model themselves on what they have seen. It can depend on what stage of their development they have been exposed.

“It is the most toxic where a child has been exposed to domestic violence or sexually inappropriate behaviour.

“It does not need to be sexual abuse but witnessing things that are not appropriate. The age of eight is critical. There are other issues that can come into play, including, in the case of teenage boys, the early onset of puberty.

“Knowing what children are doing in the privacy of their rooms is not a bad idea for a parent.”

Violent pornography blamed for boy rapist

The court was told that, in the opinion of the forensic psychiatrist who examined the teenager, he was inspired to carry out the offences by the violent sexual images he had seen. David Steer, QC, counsel for the boy, said: “He had been exposed to extreme and crude pornographic material at the time of these offences.”


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