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The Plot Against Harold Wilson - what they missed out.

The BBC 2 docudrama, 'The Plot Against Harold Wilson', broadcast on 16 February 2006, missed out the main point - the Israel connection.

According to the BBC programme, sections of the UK military plotted a coup d'etat against the UK prime minister Harold Wilson. Lord Mountbatten was to be the strongman. The programme referred to MI5 and the CIA, but there were no mentions of Israel.

Secret Documents have revealed that the UK supplied Israel with quantities of plutonium while Harold Wilson was prime minister. UK and Israel in Secret Deals

What helped Harold Wilson into power was a sex scandal involving the UK Minister of Defence John Profumo, a certain Lord Astor, a girl called Christine Keeler, and a showgirl called Mandy Rice-Davies. Later Mandy opened several night clubs in Israel. Mandy was the mistress of Peter Rachman, alleged by one source to be a Mossad agent.


Private Eye's greatest days were in the 1970's when they tried to find out whether or not the Prime Minister was a spy for Israel (or the KGB.)

Harold Wilson was President of the Board of Trade (a government minister) from 1947-51.

The few people who could get permission from the Board of Trade to import heavily rationed raw materials or finished goods were in a good position to become vastly rich.

Among the lucky few who got licenses were Montague Meyer, Joe Kagan and Rudy Sternberg.

Kagan and Sternberg later became peers.

Meyer gave Wilson a consultancy which took him on frequent trips to Moscow and Eastern Europe.

After the 'mysterious' death of Hugh Gaitskell, Wilson became Labour leader and eventually Prime Minister. Anatoli Golitsin, a spy who defected from the KGB, claimed that Hugh Gaitskell was murdered in 1963 so that Harold Wilson, a 'KGB agent', could become leader of the Labour Party.

Harold Wilson's 'private office' was funded in secret by a wealthy group which included Lord Goodman, Sir Samuel Fisher, and Rudy Sternberg.

In the 1970's, Private Eye began to receive information of a possible link between Wilson and the Israeli secret service and the KGB.

Much of this information may have come from people within MI5.

In connection with alleged plots, the names of various people were handed to Private Eye.

Labour MP Ian Mikardo had at one time partnered Leslie Paisner in a business that traded with East Germany.

Mikardo's pair in the House of Commons was Barnaby Drayson who worked for Rudy Sternberg, as did Wilfred Owen MP who had resigned after being revealed as a spy for Czechoslovakia.

Montague Meyer, it turned out, was the man who had bought up much of the timber felled in Tanganyika during Labour's ill-fated groundnut scheme.

Then there was Labour MP Edward Short 'who had been in the habit of receiving bundles of banknotes from T Dan Smith', the city boss of Newcastle and one time partner of Eric Levine.

Kagan was a frequent visitor to Downing Street.

He was also on friendly terms with the station chief of the Russian KGB.

After being questioneded by the police about tax and currency offences he eventually 'fled' to Israel, where perhaps his real allegiance lay.

Sir Rudy Sternberg was also under investigation by the security services.


The view of the Daily mirror (Once owned by Robert Maxwell, one-time Labour MP and alleged Mossad spy) :



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