Friday, March 03, 2006

Liam Fox and special relationships

Senior members of the UK's Conservative party have visited Washington.

"It was interesting for being more than simply a meeting of neo-con minds," wrote Steve McGookin, a journalist at the Financial Times.


Shadow Defense Secretary Liam Fox visited officials at the Pentagon. Liam Fox is regarded as being a neo-con.

Dr Fox supports Britain's "special relationship". Addressing the Heritage Foundation in Washington, Fox supported the US-UK transatlantic link.


"In an interview for the London Evening Standard Liam Fox refused to deny that he might have had a gay relationship in the past."


Speaking to the Evening Standard Fox said, “I think you are entitled to a private life.”

At no point during the interview or in subsequent press conferences has Dr Fox denied ever having gay relationships, he has simply stated that there is no need to answer the questions.

In the 2001 Conservative Leadership contest, former Defence Secretary, Michael Portillo was forced to admit having had a gay relationship in the past.


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