Friday, March 03, 2006

Jowell and 'thickset men with Italian names from Las Vegas'

The following is extracted from an article by Nick Cohen

Married to the Mob February 22nd, 2006

Jowell and her husband David Mills are the most permissive members of the political class.

They swing, they groove…anything goes when Jowell-Millses throw a party.

Silvio Berlusconi? What a great guy!

Tony and Cherie holiday with him, and only bores in the Italian prosecutor’s office nag at David for helping out “Il Cavalero” when taxmen called.

Super casinos?

Killjoys went on and on about how they would redistribute wealth from people who needed to thickset men with Italian names from Las Vegas, who did not.

But, in the words of an old hipster, you should “try everything once except incest and folk dancing,” and Tessa decided it would be a scream to let gambling addiction rip.

When the squares had a go at her she had a wacky defence. She denounced opponents letting casino operators bankrupt gullible punters as “snobs.” That’s right, snobs. As if they were objecting to the party DJ playing hip-hop.

Something inside of me snapped when I heard that and it wasn’t just my picture of Jowell as a well-meaning busybody. Here was the wife of Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyer using the old Labour language of class struggle to defend the interests of gambling tycoons.


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